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ATTENTION: Women Who Workout & Want To Achieve That Toned "Wonder Woman" Physique...
Lose Fat, Gain Muscle and Finally...Build The Lean, Sculpted "Superhero" Physique of Your Dreams... WITHOUT Feeling Bulky or Spending All Day at The Gym!
 WARNING: Only For Serious Women Who Want Serious Results!
Discover The Unique Underground Workout For 2021 That Only The Top 1% of Fitness Coaches Know About
  • Get Fitter, Stronger, Leaner & Look Like You REALLY Workout... 
  • Unconventional Workouts That Give You a Toned Physique Without Feeling Bulky...
  • Achieve The "Wonder Woman" Body FASTER With Less Effort...
  • ​Uncover NEW Workouts That Trainers Are Charging Thousands of Dollars For...
Then let me ask you...

  • Have you tried workout programs in the past that didn't yield any meaningful results?
  • Do you feel yourself losing muscle mass, tone and definition as you age?
  • Do you want to build lean muscle in all the right places, improve your body composition and have a firm and shapely body?
  • Are you looking for NEW advanced techniques that go beyond the basic "sets and reps"?
  • Do you want to finally improve your performance, agility, overall health and get the physique women your age crave?
If you answered "YES" to any of the questions above, then make sure you read this important message to the end...

Because, what I'm about to reveal to you today is by far, the most advanced, unique and effective workout system you'll ever come across.
Are you working out semi-regularly,
but haven't achieved the body you dream of?
When Your Mirror Says To You...
"So You've Been Working Out How Long?
Hmm... Maybe You're Just Not Working Hard Enough!"
How frustrating is that!

Because you know all too well the struggle that goes into your workouts.

You motivate yourself to get in the gym, you put every ounce of energy you have into your exercise, you do more than most other women your age would do... to try and get the body you deserve.

Whereas most women don't bother to do ANY of that!

And you hope that one day you'll finally get the body you've been craving. You're waiting for the day your mirror says to you...

"Wow, you look like you workout HARD!"

Yet, despite the pain and effort you go through, the body you so desperately want to see in the mirror just hasn't shown up yet!

Well, as an experienced Women's Fitness Trainer, I can tell you with certainty...
 It's NOT Your Fault!
The outdated and ineffective workouts, coupled with the outrageously INCORRECT advice that's circulating online... Plus, all the B.S. being taught by novice trainers is the BIGGEST reason you haven't achieved the body you want.

In fact most gym staff are unaware that what they're pushing you to do is actually ruining your chances of success!

The way most women workout takes months or even years to get the defined, toned look that every woman over 35 is chasing after.

It doesn't have to be that way, in fact if you throw out all the outdated and debunked workout routines for women (most of which were developed by Men btw!) and you finally adopt the NEW underground workouts that only a handful of savvy women's fitness coaches are privy to...

Then you too can achieve the "Wonder Woman" body that, until now, only rich women, movie stars and professional athletes could afford to pay thousands of dollars to their personal trainers for.
Hi, My Name's Nancy Di Nino...
... And in just a few moments I'm going to reveal to you the #1 secret to finally achieving the "superhero" physique you've always dreamed of.

As a former professional Fitness Competitor and having worked as a certified personal trainer for over three decades, I’ve coached thousands of people to gain muscle, gain definition, lose
weight name it; from gym novices to professional fitness competitors, my main passion and specialty is helping women of all ages and body types reach their health and fitness goals. And I am honoured to be voted by Optimyz Magazine as one of Canada’s Top Trainers!

Most women come to me desperately seeking answers. Despite their healthy eating and time in the gym, their body doesn’t seem to change. Not to mention as their age creeps upon them they start to see things they never saw before...
- Former Professional Fitness/Figure Competitor

Women’s Health Coach/CPT

Certified Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

Media personality at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival

TSN- the Sports Network

Brand Ambassador for the Health Sciences Academy

Former Co-Host of Living Beautiful Radio

Chosen at Optimyz Magazine’s Top 100 Health and Fitness Professionals 2021 and Top 10 for Health/Nutrition
Yep, the sagging arms and skin, belly pouch. When I ask if they lift weights… well... How many times have I heard women say don’t use weights, you will get bulky? Well unless you are a superhuman who can lift 500 pounds, you won’t!

Trust me when I was competing, I was under the same impression that I had to do hours of cardio and spend hours in the gym to lose weight and get fit. That was exactly what led me to ruin my metabolism and develop hypothyroidism.

Now I still see women week after week, month after month pedalling away on bikes, treadmills etc. and their body doesn’t change. I learned that less is more and that it’s about being more efficient in the gym.

Working smarter not harder and… the strategy and technique trainers don’t tell you so you keep coming back for more.

From the young age of 6 I started gymnastics training up to 30 hours a week. I became obsessed with the fundamentals of training and was proud to be doing 1000 V- sit ups daily by the time I hit 10 years old. I remember my inspirations came from my favourite TV shows “Wonder Women and the Bionic Women”, obsessed with their strong lean physiques.

In fact, I still remember in high school challenging the boys to arm wrestling contests. In high school I was active in track, volleyball, cheerleading and dancing. I loved watching the Olympics and seeing the lean physiques of the sprinters.

BUT then, it happened. I was in the gym one day when a trainer suggested I train and compete in fitness competitions given my background in dance and gymnastics. In fact he challenged me, and this is where my competitive fitness career started leading to almost 20 years in the industry. I have graced several magazines including Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers, and Optimyz and use my infectious personality to host media events including The Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Weekend.

... And yes, my most memorable is interviewing Arnold! 

Now as a Certified Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and Personal Trainer my focus is on helping women get fit, feel confident and get in the best shape of their lives, no matter their age.

Voted TOP 100 Canada’s Health Professionals and TOP 10- Fitness Professional by Optimyz Magazine

I've helped women from all walks of life experience results... and I'll tell you how you too can have amazing results for yourself!

See The Amazing Results Women Like You Are Experiencing Every Day With #InvincibleBody...
Have a look at just some of the inspiring success stories from women who've tried the NEW #InvincibleBody 12 Week Program for themselves
How many times have I heard women say
 “Lifting Weights will make you look bulky?”
 That's a BIG Fat Lie!
The truth is... if you continue doing what you're doing now, you'll...
  • Exercise 3-5 Times A Week With Frustration And Without Getting The Firm Butt, Arms Or Abs You Desire
  • Continue To Slave Away With Group Spin Classes And Treadmills For Hours Thinking Cardio Is The Answer And Still See No Change In Your Body
  • Continue To Subscribe To Trendy/Free APPS, Intended To Give You A Killer Workout, BUT Unnecessarily Tire And Kill Yourself For Nothing Because Your Body Will Still Look The Same. (A Harder Killer Workout Doesn’t Mean It Will Change a Physique And Make You Stronger!)
  • Take Short Cuts Surfing The Internet For Free Advice - Shorter Workouts Jumping From Program To Program And Still NEVER Get The Results For You And Your Physique. (You Can’t Gain Muscle In 30 Days!)
And after all that, you're body will still be "on-hold" stuck where it is right now...

But I Get It! If that's what you're doing, it's NOT on you, because I see it at the local gym and online every day...

Women Learning From A Personal Trainer (Who Literally Took The Weekend Course) And Knows Nothing About YOUR Body…
What I'm Revealing Today Is MUCH More Than Just a
Free App, Youtube Video Or “A Basic SETS And REPS Workout” From Your Local Novice Gym Trainer!
What If You Had a Proven, Unique &
Insanely Effective Workout System That...
  • Is drop-dead simple and easy to follow...
  • Gives you results faster without leaving you feeling beat up and exhausted...
  • Doesn't require you to spend all-day, every-day slaving away at the gym...
  • ​Gives you that perfectly lean, defined and cut look you've been chasing for years (that other women will be VERY jealous of!)
NOW, You TOO Can Learn The ADVANCED Strategies & Techniques That High Paid Personal Trainers Have Kept Hidden From The Public...
I do not want you to waste any more money or time. I want to show you how to train with purpose so you can work “smarter not harder” and FINALLY ditch the  “Mom-Bod” or “Cougar-bod” and create the #InvincibleBody you deserve!
That's Why I Created The...
12-Week Advanced Workout PROGRAM
I created this NEW breakthrough program to help women 35+ who want to actually LOOK like they workout... And feel confident picking up weights knowing they won't end up looking and feeling bulky...

It's for women who want to do those laser-targeted workouts that give you just the right amount of muscle in all the right places... While gaining strength, overall fitness and health, rather than leaving you weak and out of energy...

For women who want to feel light, strong and active... To look like a superhero and feel like you have superpowers.

And finally achieve that lean, defined, cut look they've been chasing for years!
With this system you can have the confidence to walk into the gym or even workout at home and KNOW you're not wasting your energy...

And you can be sure you'll soon outshine other women who work harder and spend more time than you exercising.

With the #InvincibleBody system, in just 12 weeks from today you'll....
  • Increase your strength on average 20% -30%
  • Change your body composition losing fat in the right areas replacing it with lean muscle and definition
  • Learn effective weight training strategies to boost metabolism (without doing long bounds of cardio)
  • Improve your physical endurance and conditioning and performance level
  • Change soft and giggly to firm and shapely muscle definition
  • Feel confident looking in the mirror + admire your defined visible curves finally
  • Feel amazing in a swimsuit or jeans and flaunt your earned results – muscle tone and definition your swimsuit or jeans
12-Week Advanced Workout PROGRAM
Advanced Techniques & Strategies You'll
Learn Inside THE #InvincibleBody PROGRAM...
  • How to target your problem areas that won’t budge even with your current nutrition and exercise, by learning the secrets of incorporating this matrix method of training
  • How to integrate techniques that I use regularly to quickly assist in body composition change
  • The details within “the sets and reps” that are the game changer to REAL RESULTS
  • How to work efficiently to boost metabolism yielding greater results
  • Get stronger, gain muscle without bulking
  • Improve your athletic performance
This Advanced Workout Is NOT For Everyone
I want to make 100% certain I can help you... That's why I'm only allowing a limited number of members into my program. This is ONLY for women who are dead-serious about finally getting the perfect, lean, sculpted physique they desire and willing to put in the work!
 Who is #InvincibleBody for?
 For intermediate to advanced level exercisers. #InvincibleBody is an intense program for those who are serious and dedicated to making a body composition change
 For those who have tried numerous programs that yielded no results leaving their body looking the exact same
 It’s for both men and women who want to change their overall body composition and build lean muscle and firm and shapely
 For men and women who feel as they age, they are losing muscle mass, tone, and definition
 It’s for people who want to learn technique beyond “sets and reps"
 For those who like to feel like they are improving their performance, agility and over health with a variety of exercises based on intensity, volume
 Ideally best for those who want to go to the gym however home modifications are an option
 Who This is NOT for?
 It’s not for people looking for unrealistic overnight results
 It’s not for absolute beginners, new to the gym or have never exercised before
 It’s not for people of the mindset that weights will make you big and bulky
 It’s not for people who want solely a home-based workout, or one working with resistant bands only.
#INVINCIBLEBODY includes 25+ weight training routines designed to build sculpted lean muscle definition and curves!
We've integrating all the most effective principles of exercise modalities,
to bring you ONE powerful program!  Including...

Power & Hypertrophy Weight Training

Metabolic Conditioning

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Cross Fit and Functional Training

Included With The #INVINCIBLEBODY Program When You Order TODAY:
When you get your #INVINCIBLEBODY Program Today, you'll have instant access to a closed members area, where all the workouts, tutorial videos and photos are housed.
You'll get access to a library of PDFs for print-and-go exercise demos, and an index of video modules for each movement and workout – everything housed in a secure online membership portal for you to log into whenever you need. And... You have lifetime access to everything in the program!
25+ Full Weight-Training Workouts
 12 weeks’ worth of workouts, broken up by day and type to give you a 5-6 per week complete training program including:
  • 10 Heavy Weight Training for Power, Strength etc.
  • 5 Metabolic Conditioning Programs
  • 5 HIIT Based workouts
  • BONUS:  Mix and Match Workouts
 All workouts come with an accompanying video to make your workout super easy to follow.
 Membership portal is mobile and tablet friendly so you can bring the videos up on your phone at the gym, travelling or wherever with ease.
 With each monthly and biweekly segment, you will learn specifically targeted training strategies and techniques such as: Power, Hypertrophy, Metcon, HIIT...etc.
 Variety of Exercises providing the most results and help you train safely.
 Most workouts are timed interval segments so you will need an interval timer.
 $497  Value
DIY- Do it yourself program includes Coaching in Strategy & Technique
 How details within the reps and sets are the game changer for results
 I teach you how to integrate “Behind the Scenes” - ”concepts and techniques” that go beyond the reps and sets to achieve REAL RESULTS!
 Understanding movement and quality of execution over quantity
 The idea less is more but detail is best
 $497  Value
25+ Video demos for each workout
 Comes with 25 + video demos.
 All workouts come with an accompanying video to make your workout super easy to follow. 
 Log in to your Membership portal which is mobile and tablet friendly so you can bring the videos on your phone at the gym, travelling or wherever with ease. 
 Watch me demo the full exercises step by step in the full workout so there is zero guessing
 $497  Value
25+ Video demos for each workout
 Comes with 25 + video demos.
 All workouts come with an accompanying video to make your workout super easy to follow. 
 Log in to your Membership portal which is mobile and tablet friendly so you can bring the videos on your phone at the gym, travelling or wherever with ease. 
 Watch me demo the full exercises step by step in the full workout so there is zero guessing
 $497  Value
Total Value:  $1491 
Regular Price:  $497 
Limited time EARLY BIRD discount:
12-Week Advanced Workout PROGRAM
Only $179 TODAY!
You're Covered With My 100% Satisfaction
14 Day Money Back Guarantee!
If you're not 100% satisfied with the #InvinvibleBody 12 Week Workout, simply email me and I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I need a gym or equipment?
For maximum results I highly recommend a commercial gym for this program as the workouts do include commercial equipment. Modifications can be made for a home-based workout for some workouts if you have dumb bells, a barbell, bench and at least one cardio machine for sprints unless you are able to go outside.
How do I know if I am fit enough? This sounds challenging.
This program is for those who are already exercising but really looking to take their training to the next level. Yes, it is challenging and was for me too at the start, however, this is an intermediate to advanced program intended to give you something to work “progressively through” …a program that will challenge you mentally and physically. Your mental fortitude and focus will dictate your success. If you are willing to commit and be consistent and push yourself toward your personal goal, this is for you.
What if I can’t do all the exercises?
Again, like I said, I couldn’t do everything perfect at the beginning either. The program is intended to enhance your physical and mental abilities ‘progressively and safely” over time. This program is a targeted strategy to prepare your mind, muscles and body for each workout and stage. You may be sore at the start, that is normal as your body is adapting and it’s a sign that it’s working.
Am I too old?
I am 49 years old! Are you kidding me? And I know women and clients who are stronger and fitter than me now in their mid 50’s. In fact, if you over 40 and a regular exerciser this may be EXACTLY what you need. After 40 we start to lose muscle mass and bones get week so resistance training is crucial to maintain health and longevity.
Is this only for women?
Nope, men I dare you! Although it says women, the muscle building strategies apply to both men and women. The only difference will be your starting point and how you progressively move through each workout. It’s perfect to join with an accountability partner whether a spouse, friend etc.
How long are the workouts?
25 min - 1 hour. Each daily/ weekly workout requires more or less time depending on the purpose and strategy of the workout. If it is a weight training power-based module you may be spending 45 minutes to one hour. If it is a metabolic conditioning or HIIT based module, you can be finished in 25 minutes. It varies depending on the week and strategy.
How many days a week do I have to workout?
5-6 days a week consistently. I know that life has its priorities but if you are willing to start committing minimally 4 days a week that is a good base line. Anything less would not do you justice.
When can I anticipate seeing results?
Everyone is different and has a different base line they are starting with. Results will happen with your daily and weekly consistency, AND for maximum results I highly recommend a nutrition regime with a good amount of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. If that is something you are requiring assistance with, I do provide those services as well. BUT you can’t expect to have poor eating habits and build a lean physique. Training and nutrition go together.
What format do the workouts come in?
All workouts are delivered via easy print-and-go PDF/Print and Save to your mobile device or desktop and come with accompanying video tutorials for all movements. The membership site is mobile friendly, so you will be able to pull the PDFs and video up wherever you are.
Is there coaching that goes along with this?
No there is not. This program is a DIY (Do it yourself). But because of that I have made the instructional video demos easy to follow. With your membership login in, you can access the videos anytime, anywhere and replay there over as many times as you need to practice until you are comfortable.
How long do I have access to these workouts?
You have access to the membership portal forever.
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